The arrangement suggestions for the large exhibition tent

        Whether it is the local merchandising exhibition, or organize some handmade craft fairs, even as the Canton fair which like the international trade fair, the design is the key to be successfully. Good designed, the tent both practical and cozy; Poorly designed, the chaotic arrangement will make the exhibition looks badly. Make a design for the exhibition in advance, so that we can any necessary adjustment before the beginning of the exhibition.

        1.Choose a color scheme. The exhibition tent for the commercial supplier, it is usually white. But if we make the colorful design inside, it will catch all eye ball from the participants. For example, white text on the red banners, red decoration booth, And with red borders on some of the smaller signs and price tags, it will looks more striking and attractive.

        2.Choose the stand where products have the best display effect. For example, the desk beside sidewall, can be decorated with same color cloth, and put some art works; add a platform over, will have more exhibition space. And the passageway between display stands should be 3-4m, to avoid crowding when visitors pour into. Some goods is better in display when hung it up, like textile, which can take full advantage of tent frame.

        3. An attractive entrance will make exhibition tent unique. Displaying desks beside the tent entrance, and put sample or colorful brochures on the top, as a way to attract visitors. Hang some decorations on the eave purlin, festival decorations such as bells, etc. If electricity is available, design a light show in front of tent with small lights is a good choice.

        4.Use one or two elegant accessories to make the internal of the exhibition tent more artistic without affecting the normal selling or communication. For example, if the theme of the exhibition is jewelry, should provide mirror with luxury frame, so that the clients can try to wear a necklace and check whether it fits them well. For some of the more commercial exhibition space design, can decorate the space with elegant flowers or eye-catching spray paint, or use high-tech printing technology to print the company logo or theme on the gable triangle cover of the tent.

        5.Leave some rest space in order to work better. If have a soft folding chair to sit down and have a rest during the exhibition, it will make the whole day high intensity exhibition work more efficient. If the work requires to stand up for a long time, can set aside a small room for them to have a break. Meanwhile, can install air conditioning system for the exhibition tent, direct blowing type central air conditioning system for tent height under 4meters, duct type air conditioning system for tent height over 5 meters.

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