Please notice following points, it will extend the lifespan of warehouse tent

        In the industry, many finished production products need to wait for uniform package delivery, so it would need a temporary warehouses to store the products at this time. That is why you need a temporary warehouse to solve this problem. It would cost too much to buy or built a new warehouse and it will take a long time to build up, so , use Warehouse Tent could be your best choice with suitable budget. In another case, Storage tent lifespan is short relative to the building warehouse, so it’s important to pay attention to the maintenance and storage of the warehouse tent during using, to make the best use of tent!

        1.The roof cover must be hang tight: during first installation of the roof cover, all the necessary hardware must be press very tight, normally it would need to be fixed again after completion in 1-2 weeks. Because now the PVC roof cover will be more flat , because it have been after long time folding before, now the frame and PVC roof cover will fit very well, so fixed the roof cover again, could make sure there is no water problems during usage, and no matter how wide the span is, it could works well.

        2.Check baseplate and see if they connect tightly with other fasteners parts , because baseplate is directly connected with the tent on the ground, is one of the most important parts as well as the most likely rusted parts. Regularly check whether the baseplate fastener parts loosening, to make sure the safety of the tent to be guaranteed. Also could paint anti-rust treatment on the fasteness parts, as well as other  fasteness parts .

        3.The warehouse tent also have to avoid damages from human , at the entrance of the tent, if drive the the forklift frequently , then you have to put the notice sign on the column to  to avoid forklift access occur collisions causing damage to your tent. Besides, when goods pile up inside the tent, be careful don’t let them get close to the PVC sidewalls , so it won’t let the products scratched the PVC sidewalls.

        In this way, the storage tent could last longer, to develop the stored function. Storage tent has irreplaceable advantages of buildings warehouse and that is when it is not needed ,can be removed, wait until you need to use the tent in another time , you could build it again.

        If you have any other questions about storage tent,feel free to contact us, we will give you a satisfactory reply.