How To Do Well Fireproof Management Of Large Warehouse Tent

        Large Warehouse Tent is the sites where goods and materials are centrally stored in, once outbreak of fire will result in huge economic losses, great impact on the social and serious consequences. Superb Tent has built up many Warehouse Tents for logistics Company and manufacturing enterprises, so we are experienced in reducing fire risk and doing well in fireproof management, we want to give the broad warehousing customers some advice.

First analyze the primary cause of fire disaster in warehouse:

        1.The warehouse staff did poor management, put the things disorderly and unsystematic, even arbitrarily change the fire compartment and fire separation, the fire-fighting equipments are not complete and easy to use. Some warehouse has no designated personnel to patrol in turns. Some managers live in the warehouse, fire easily occur under this condition.

        2.The ill lighting management in the warehouse mainly includes improper use of lighting products and installation, bad construction quality lead to the light fall off, use high temperature lighting, unsuitable setting of lighting, not cut off the power after using and the radiant heat accumulation causes fire.

        3.No strict control of kindling material in the warehouse. Mainly include irregular cutting, kindling without permission, deregulation operation result in fire, fire caused by violation in play with fire, smoking and loading and unloading operation.

        4.Dangerous goods, chemicals have not been classified in the warehouse. Poor ventilation and heat dissipation, not enough effort in moistureproof, fireproof and cooling, disorder stacking, lacks of professional knowledge in warehouse management result in stock articles react chemically and bring to spontaneous combustion, burning and explode.

        5.Lighting protection facilities of the warehouse is not standard, maintain it not good and have blind area in design. Once thunderstorm comes up, the air and goods’ moisture increase, thunder strike and fire will happen easily.

        Every company should carry out self-inspection for the Industrial warehousex tent, train the storemen for safety and fireproof knowledge, enhances their safety awareness, and arranges professional staff to patrol inside and outside the warehouse. To record every potential safety hazard during inspection and eliminate it immediately, prevent crises before they emerge.