Why We Choose Warehouse Tent

        Whether you are looking for permanent industrial building or temporary building for booming business, you can always find ideal solutions in Superb Tent. The warehouse tent produced by Superb, provide flexible choice for booming and off seasons of companies and also provide optional locating with its conveniences, thus avoid hidden costs like space leasing, remote regulation, etc incurred by production needs.

Fast in Speed

        1.Fast project approval — warehouse tent as temporary building, do not need approval for construction. Thus can cut time costs substantially, and realize the fast extension of warehouses.

        2. Fast design solutions — Equipped with professional engineer, Superb can provide ideal solutions within two days after clearly knowing the demands of our customers.

        3.Fast tent installation– Aluminum profile being the main structure of warehouse tent, the feature is light and safe. Construction speed for warehouse tent is very fast, about 1000 sqm per day is not a hard job, greatly shorten the construction period, and can quickly put the warehouse into application, effectively solve the storage worries of boom and off season in time.

        According to different situations, quick installation, extension, removal and dismantle is available for warehouse tent.

Effective in Economy

        1. Taking full advantage of spare lands to meet temporary space needs in factory. 

        2. Compared with traditional building, costs reduces around 50%.

        3. Warehouse tents as light building, can adapt to every grounds, therefore reduce the cost of ground treatment, average cost around US$30-70 / sqm.

        4. Can be used repeatedly, almost no material wastage from dismantle to re-installation.

        5. Reduce the initial investment, and improve the efficiency of finical operation, to realize the light assets running of companies.


        Warehouse Tent is the most popular industrial tent in tent manufacturing, for which aluminum profile as frame, double coated UV resistant PVC as roof cover, and have various accessories for option, like single glass door, ABS wall, sandwich wall and rolling door. Warehouse tent is sweeping across European and American countries as temporary, permanent storage and relief supplies storage.