The Safety in Use and Maintenance of Outdoor Exhibition Tents

        With the increasing demands, tents have been used widely in various big events, outdoor exhibitions and outlets, thus the safety in use and maintenance of tents should be specially mentioned:

1. Environment

        Different environment requires different maintenance, it depends on the local wind speed and whether have gale. If do not have expansion screw to fix, the wind load of the tent should be higher than local wind speed and use reinforce parts to enhance; or dismantle the roof cover when gale happens. The standing poles are the main support of tents, need special strengthening.

2. The maintenance of PVC Fabrics

        The appearance of tents will have influence on the moods of guests, thus influence rental customers.

        The crevasse on the tent will not only weaken the structure safety and cause dangerous results, but also will let rain water or flying animals come into the tent, and harass the normal course of activities.

So we need to protect the soundness of PVC fabrics: to wash it when dirty, and mend it in time when broken.

3. The Skill Level of Workers

        Since tent can be used repeatedly, install and dismantle again and again will make friction on aluminum frame and fabrics, hence will have some damages after long time. Misoperations will very likely happen to unskilled workers when assembly it, who have no installation experience and have no idea of how to install it. So we suggest to cultivate skilled workers for long-term sublet customer, both to decrease the damages to tent, and to reduce the building costs.