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XLS20/4-5PT [Polygon Tent]

XLS20/4-5PT type Polygon Tent is adjustable by 5m unit.It can be combination into 20mx40m ,20mx45m and 20mx50m , ect. It is designed for meeting the requirements of bigger interior space and elegant polygonal appearance.Especially for the large banquet hall,concerts, sports courts like basketball and football courts, and outdoor mining,etc.

Technical Parameters

PolygonTent/XLS20 Technical Parameters

Style:XLS20/4-5PT [Polygon Tent]
Clear-span Width:20m
Eave Height:4m
Ridge Height:8.3m
Roof Pitch:45o
Bay Distance:5m
Main Frame Profile:300x120x5.5/7.5mm
Wind loading:100km/h
Eave Connection:Hod-dip Galvanized Steel Insert
Framework Material :Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum 6061/T6
Cover Material:Doble PVC coated Polyester textile,flame retardant to DIN4102 B1,M2,650-900g/sq.m
Color:Whitered, yellow, blue, green, black, grey transparent, etc 

Frame Structure

Installation instruction and video can be provided

Polygon Frame Structure

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XLS20/4-5PT [Polygon Tent]

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