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3x3m Half Dome Tent

  • 3x3m Half Dome Tent

3x3m Half Dome Tent has a eave height of 2.6m and ridge height of 3.84m. The length can be added or reduced by every 3m. The aluminum main profile is 100x48x3mm. The frame of Half Dome tent uses aluminum alloy 6061/T6 (13HW). The Roof covers and sidewalls are made of polyester textile with double PVC layer, which is water proof, UV resistant,and flame retardant according to DIN4102 B1, M2 650-900g/sq.m.

Half Dome Tent is an unique design that with special shape, whose infill panel above door are quite suitable for advertising. It’s easily to be installed and dismantled, and also portable and durable. Wind loading and fire retardancy capacity are at the same level of European standard.

Technical Parameters

halfdometent/3x3 Technical Parameters

Style:SS3/2.6 [Half Dome Tent]
Clear-span Width:3m
Eave Height:2.6m
Ridge Height:3.84m
Roof Pitch:20o
Bay Distance:3m
Main Frame Profile:100x48x3mm
Wind loading:80km/h
Eave Connection:Hod-dip Galvanized Steel Insert
Framework Material :Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum 6061/T6
Cover Material:Doble PVC coated Polyester textile,flame retardant to DIN4102 B1,M2,650-900g/sq.m
Color:Whitered, yellow, blue, green, black, grey transparent, etc 

Frame Structure

Installation instruction and video can be provided

Frame Structure

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3x3m Half Dome Tent

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