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The build tips for outdoor event tent

Different show forms of the product will have a huge impact on the sales of any participating businesses want to maximize the participation of the time, which the Industrial Tents and PVC structures direction selection forth requirements.

In order to make better use of light, the Exhibition Tents to be set up to choose the right direction, generally choose the south, so the sun came out the first time will be able to shine inside the tents, then the whole tent room full of sunshine, businesses will also be able as soon as possible to show their products. In addition to the direction you want to correct things, should choose a place to build a vision, can not take place in the surrounding skyscrapers, this may also have to see the sun at noon, if it is in such a place will seem chilly fall and winter seasons, then the exhibition can not make a great effort for the clients.

The PVC also very particular about the choice, taking into account the optical properties currently on the market's main products are divided into semi-shade blackout membrane and membrane. First, it is can filter out most ultraviolet radiation, prevent items inside fade; the second is a certain natural light transmittance, so that transmission within the structure to produce diffused light, no shadow, no glare, issued a natural soft light exposure at night glorious, intoxicating. General exhibition tents would choose to build a semi-shielding membrane translucent breathable, it does not seem so depressed.

If you have any other questions about event tent,  feel free to contact us, we will give you a satisfactory reply.

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