Large Temporary Warehouse Structures Tent

Superb Warehouse tents only generate small transportation volume, yet you can build them up quickly and easily. It is also not that hard to apply building permissions from your government for those half-permanent buildings such like our warehouse tents.

For our warehouse tents, you can choose plain PVC walls, hard-steel walls, sandwich walls, automatic rolling door and many other accessories. Customized size is also provided for your convenience.

Our temporary warehouse structures are suitable for those who need flexible storage spaces. No need to hire or build a warehouse with costs. You can set it up in any kind of ground almost and only need weeks for installation.

We offer different options:

PVC fabric fire retardant roof and sidewalls

Double layers inflatable PVC roof with better insulation and weatherproof to anti-rain and snow

ABS and sandwich solid walls etc.

Different types of doors which are suitable for forklift and truck to work inside.

Warehouse Structures Tent

Warehouse Structures Tent