Waterproof PVC Party Pagoda Tent for sale

PVC Party Pagoda Tent for sale

        Weather is so hard to predict accurately, It may rain at any moment. Most gazebos will offer some protection from light rain. But if you want to be certain that rain won’t put a stop to your event, you need to invest in one of our waterproof PVC Pagoda Tent. The terminology for a waterproof gazebo generally means that they are made of a more water resistant fabric than standard cheap gazebos. 

PVC Party Pagoda Tent for sale

        PVC(Polyvinyl chloride) is useful because it resists two things that hate each other: fire and water.Because of its water resistance it’s used to make raincoats and shower curtains, and of course, water pipes.

PVC Party Pagoda Tent for sale

        Superb waterproof tent has Double PVC coated polyester fabric, 750g-850/sq. m, water proof, UV resistance, anti-mildew, fire retardant to DIN4102 B1/M2 

        Frame Material: Aluminium frame, Structural 6061/T6 Grade Extruded Aluminium.

        Connectors and Fitters: Fabricated Electro- Galvanised steel

        Wind speed: 80-100km/h

        Simplicity:Aluminium tents conform to traditional geometric figures and shapes. This reduces time, cost, material, and weight.

PVC Party Pagoda Tent

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