Modular adjustable floor

VIP stage floor

1.Applicable to different terrains such as land, grassland and land surface;

2. Adjustable range: 0.13m–2.2m;

wedding tent stage floor

3. Quick installation, two people can install 100m² per hour;

stage floor

4. Modular design, high-strength limit card, can install stairs or expand the stage, the structural strength is about 500kg per square meter;

event tent floor

       5. Integrated design, using high-strength aluminum alloy, light and flexible; the floor does not need to repeat the aluminum frame, and is directly placed on the original aluminum structure, reducing traditional design costs;

stage floor

6. The tent upright support is equipped with a cross steel cable, which can be directly connected to the floor to achieve the effect of fixed overall load. No additional weight is needed and the construction cost is reduced;

tent floor

stage floor

7.Convenient transportation and storage. Demolition aluminum and floor shelves are stacked with small volume;

Wood floor

8. Widely used: Available high-strength composite floor, high-strength organic glass, with lighting effects, used for different occasions such as stage, exhibition, VIP exhibition hall and so on.

tent floor