birdcage/birnest /glamping hotel

If you escape the hustle and bustle of the city, check in to slow down the country trip and return to the basics! At that moment, I wanted to take my sweetheart’s hand and stay for a few nights in this unique classic bird cage homestay, hug and watch TV in the small living room, and listen to the birds singing in the small courtyard while breathing the fragrance of the sky. In the dead of night, lying on a comfortable big bed, count the stars in the sky together. Just choose Superb TentTent.

Product specification: indoor diameter 5m twelve-side type (other specifications can be customized);

Bracket material: light steel and aluminum veneer decoration;

Wind resistance: 100km/h;

Snow resistance: 30cm;

Other parameters: good thermal insulation performance, the wall is hollow glass and thermal insulation wall;

Process highlights:

1. Assembled structure, quick and convenient installation, small size

2. Modular unit, universal

3. The outer decorative tube is hidden in the bolt connection

4. Unique and beautiful appearance