6m dome tent

External advantages of the tent:

Camouflage cloth top is closer to nature

6m dome tent

Transparent inflatable PVC (heat insulation, better performance than single layer, smooth shape)

 dome tent

The connection between transparent and camouflage is through the form of zipper, which makes the replacement and maintenance of transparent film more convenient, saving cost and time;The screen window is changed to the bottom, which is convenient to retract and has better ventilation effect;Smart electronic lock:We can use Mobile phone control door lock within 50m.

6m dome tent

Internal advantages of the tent:

The socket of the bedside lamp is newly added with a USB port (for passengers to charge), and the high-end can be made into all intelligent switch systems; The bedside wall size is 3.6m*2.2m*10cm. Large bathroom space.

PVC dome tent