“Expanding the Bureau to Meet the Change, Gathering the Potential and Empowering the New”, the Grand Opening of Superb Tent (Yunfu)

On the morning of July 17th, with the sound of drums and colorful flags flying, the “Yunfu Base” of Superb was grandly opened in Xinxing County, Yunfu City. accelerated progress.

The leaders of all parties delivered speeches one after another, sending deep blessings for the opening of the Yunfu Base. Chairman Fangkun Zhen extended a warm welcome to the leaders and guests, and expressed sincere thanks to colleagues from all walks of life who supported the project. He expressed the joy of the establishment of the company in Yunfu and the determination of the company to spread its wings. At the same time, by reviewing the journey of the company’s struggle, he encouraged all employees to share growth with the company and continue to write brilliantly.

The lion-awakening performances, the honored guests, and the extremely rich local characteristics of the lion-awakening performances rendered the celebration a fiery festivity. Accompanied by the ribbon-cutting of the guests, the opening ceremony entered the final climax, the gongs and drums were loud and passionate.

Afterwards, all the guests visited the newly completed production base to see the strong production capacity and development trend of Superb Tent.

In the future, with the strong support of relevant government departments and all walks of life, Superb Technology will be based on technological innovation, upgrade products and services, lead tent manufacturing, embrace dreams, move forward firmly, forge ahead, and create brilliance again!


Company Profile

Superb Technology is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the design, manufacture and sales of aluminum alloy frame tents. With more than 20 years of deep cultivation in the industry, the company is supported by strong R&D capabilities, and its service content covers warehousing and logistics, sports events, exhibition celebrations, hotel wild luxury and other fields, and its service scope covers more than 120 countries at home and abroad. At present, the company has obtained more than 100 patents of various types, more than 30 honorary qualifications, and initiated and compiled industry standards such as “Frame Structure Tent”.