Party Tent with skylight for Corporation Meeting

        If you are looking for a big tent for party or business events, but worry about the lighting problem for the bigger the tent is, the less daylight can travel into. So what about changing part of the roof covers into the transparent one? 100% transparent may be not suitable either, but replacing two bay of roof covers into the transparent fabric can not only solve the lighting problem, but also increase the interest of using an aluminum-PVC tent. It was as if in the outdoor or looks like opening a huge skylight. 

        Quality comes from details is what SUPERB believes in. From the above picture, notes strips of white PVC are melted on the transparent roof covers. It can increase the tensile yield strength of transparent PVC covers, but cost labor and time. Superb never lower the price by sacrificing quality and customer’s trust in the long run. Not to mention, our aluminum alloy is the premium material, which is much more durable than the reclaimed one. 

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