Agricultural Products Expo

Agricultural Expo Tents

        The small Pagoda Tents are always the most lively components in exhibition tent landscape. They have sizes from 3x3m to 10x10m.  As single or grouped in a line, the beautiful high peaks are always eye-catching. Combined with enormous Exhibition Tents. They can turn the stiff outline to be much more changeable and funny. Playing some less important but indispensable roles, they are the perfect supplements to big Expo tents.

 Agricultural Expo TentsAgricultural Expo Tents

        For the 30x50m standard A-frame tent, glass walls were applied to a complete frontage. Other sides were changed to ABS sidewalls. The total 1500 sq.m space was luminous enough in the daytime. Split-type air conditioners were going to adjust temperature inside the tent space.

Agricultural Expo Tents

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