Superb Tent undertakes the construction of the tent for the “China + Five Central Asian Countries” Foreign Ministers’ Meeting(Xian)

State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi hosted the “China + Five Central Asian Countries” Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Xi’an, laying a foundation for the common development of China and the five Central Asian countries on 12th May 2021.

meeting tent

Superb Tent is honored to be the contractor of this international conference tent, providing a one-stop tent service for this historic meeting, and solving the needs of on-site security, restaurants, and VIP rest.

meeting tent

Superb Tent

In the early stage of construction, all members of the project conduct safety training and assessment, epidemic prevention and control drills, and select outstanding backbone personnel to participate in the on-site construction. With a tenacious will, he showed the spirit of the iron army of speeding “particularly able to endure hardship and especially capable of fighting”. After Superb Tent’s meticulous design and careful installation, as well as strict quality control. Superb Tent ‘s excellent product quality and punctual product delivery have won unanimous praise from government leaders.

Meeting tent