46x78m Large Custom Made Combination Tent

This tent size is 46x78m,with ridge height of 5m and the top side height of 18m,It used for sports facilities in Russia “WoW ARENA”.

This is an oversized tent made up of a multi-sided tent and a polygon tent,also called Igloo Structure Tent.

In the winter in Russia, there will be a lot of wind and snow, so in this tent design, the wind and snow resistance capacity is much higher than that of the ordinary tent. The component of the entire aluminum frame are thickened. The connection place is also reinforced with steel; the thermal insulation of the tarpaulin and the temperature change of the construction area also cause great requirements for the thermal expansion and contraction of the tarpaulin. The printing of the overall tarpaulin also takes into account the color change and the overall Seamless combination of tarpaulins.

All the technical difficulties of the tent have never been met before, and they are all solved one by one.

There is also a passageway tent and two pagoda tents next to the main tent.

The tent is also divided into several areas, including rest areas, entertainment areas and boxing ring area.