Together! We fight against the virus Superb Tent does all he can

  In the key time of prevention and control of the epidemic situation, it is urgent to have all around prevention and control measure. People from all sectors of society unite as one force making each and every effort.

  In this war without guns, no one is bystander. All forces and resources united since the epidemic breaking out.

  Superb Tent contribute all measures in every channel as a responsible company to fight against the virus.

  First Donation: Mr Fangkun Zhen initiated fund raising activities by Foshan Hubei chamber of commerce in 27th Jan 2020, the chamber collected over 800 million rmb donated to Red Cross


  Second Donation: 10 millions face mask were donated to medical apartment of yunfu city in 2nd Feb 2020 by Superb Tent.



  Third Donation: inspection tents were donated to Xianning Hubei in 10th Feb 2020


   Forth Donation: Superb Tent united with Wuhan Andegu company offered  temporary washing room tent and separation function tent to  Wuhan Chinese Culture Expo Center Fangchuang Hospital and Wuhan Tanghu Park Fangchuang Hospital in the date 5th to 14th Feb 2020.

Superb Tent

  Superb Tent strongly believes we would fight against the virus by uniting every effort we could make.

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Together, we fight the virus

Superb Tent never be a bystander

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