Industry standards edited by Superb Tent Co., Ltd released-Standardize the healthy development of the industry

  The “Frame Structure Tent Industry Standard” edited by Foshan Super Tent Co., Ltd. was officially issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.The issuance and publication of this standard fully demonstrates Superb Tent Co., Ltd’s  outstanding R&D(RESERCH & DESIGN) strength and industry leadership.

  The “frame structure tent” is more complex than the general  tent.The use environment is harsh, and there are potential technical and safety risks in installation and usage.With the rapid growth of market applications, in order to improve the standardization level of such products, further reduce costs, effectively control various risks, and promote the high-quality development of the industry, this standard has been compiled.The implementation of this standard can standardize the development and use of frame structure tents With excellent R&D and innovation strength in the field of tents,Superb Tent Co., Ltd organize company experts to participate in the standard compilation of the frame structure tent, and finally complete the compilation and approval of the “Frame Structure Tent Standard.

                                                                                                    Standard review

                                                                                             During the commendation meeting


   Industry experts said: the publication of the <the standard compilation of the frame structure tent>of QB/T 5512-2020,will have positive significance for the terms and definitions of frame structure tents, product classification and model naming, design requirements, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation, storage, development and use, etc. Provides an important guarantee for the technological progress and development of the industry.

  Superb Tent Co.,Ltd has become the vane of industry product innovation and technological progress.In the future, Superb Tent Co., Ltd will continue to work hard in the field of standards, strive for excellence in standardization work, and make due contributions to promoting product technology innovation and industry progress.