Transform and innovate, become more specialized and stronger|Superb Tent 2023 annual meeting successfully held

The preface of the year is easy, the chapter is new, the time changes, and the years are like a song.Years have outlined a new ring of annual rings, and the 2022  Superb Tent Annual Meeting is coming.On January 12, 2023, Annual Glory Ceremony with the theme of “Reform and Innovation, Be Specialized and Strong” was grandly held in Foshan Superb tent Plaza and Superb  Technology Park, with more than 500 people.,Gather together to witness the fruitful achievements of Superb in 2022 and look forward to the new future in 2023.

At the beginning of the annual meeting, the general manager of Superb had a speech, reviewing the brilliant achievements of Superb in 2022, and thanking every Superb employee for their dedication and hard work, and their important contributions to the company’s successful completion of various tasks. At the same time, the general manager expressed his expectations for the company’s future development, and hoped that everyone will not forget their original intentions in the new year and continue to develop and innovate!

The development of Superb is inseparable from the dedication and hard work of every Superb member. This year-end ceremony set up a number of awards to present awards and commendations to the Superb family members who have done outstanding work in the past year. The outstanding staff award, the outstanding staff award, the excellent workshop supervisor and team leader award, and the sales benchmark award were presented on the spot.

The annual meeting also prepared a lucky draw session. The lucky prizes come one after another, and the surprises come one after another.

The happy time is always short, and the 2023 Superb annual meeting grand ceremony of “Walk with the Light” ended successfully! 2023 is not only a challenge, but also an opportunity. Only extraordinary experience can make extraordinary achievements. In the new year, Superb will make persistent efforts and create greater glories.