Go beyond yourself, smelt the team – Superpai tents carry out 20km hiking activities

In order to strengthen the physique of employees, hone their tenacious will, and cultivate the spirit of teamwork. On June 2, Super Tent Co., Ltd. held a 20-kilometer hiking expansion activity in Xitou Village, Conghua with the theme of “Beyond Self, Melting Team”. Nearly 30 employees of the company participated in this activity.

The warriors assembled, ready to go, the slogans were loud, and the spirit was high.

 With the phrase “start on foot”, all the participating employees roared out and started a 20-kilometer walking race along Xitou Village. The competition crowd ran towards the front in their habitual walking postures. 

The long walking team fought bravely for the first place. You chased me and became a beautiful scenery line in Xitou Village.

During the hike, everyone breathed in the fresh outdoor air, admired the beauty of Xitou Village, and enjoyed the joy brought by sports. They helped and encouraged each other along the way, with happy smiles on their faces.

After 4 and a half hours of hiking, the third group reached the finish first, waving “Scissor Hands” and shouting “Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!”, their excitement was beyond words.

In this challenge of physical fitness and willpower, we can only keep moving forward and surpass ourselves. Sweat and joy will converge into unforgettable memories.