‘Fangcang’hospital, also known as “mobile cabin  hospital”. For example, it is the same as the concept of “mobile house” of RV. It is composed of “units” with different functions, and has multiple hospital functions; it has the advantages of comprehensive functions, strong mobility, fast assembly, and mobility.

What problems can the ‘Fangcang’ hospital solve?

At present, the situation is grim, a large number of patients have not been admitted, a large number of patients in social mobility, in the family cluster isolation, further aggravate the family and community infection. This is the most important factor to aggravate the epidemic.

Patients with confirmed mild illness can be treated and isolated here, which can not only receive medical care, but also be isolated from society and family, effectively blocking the source of infection. ‘Fangcang hospital’ is not as well equipped as regular hospitals, but it is enough for patients with mild illness to have basic life care and standardized medical care. At the same time, ‘fangcang’ hospital can also carry out orderly hierarchical division of labor with designated hospitals to reduce the burden of front-line medical staff.

Who will be admitted to the ‘Fangcang’  hospital?

The patients with mild illness who were confirmed to be positive for viral nucleic acid were mainly admitted, while the elderly patients with basic complications and critical illness were sent to designated hospitals for treatment.

In fact, this is a community of light patients. They live in this community for about two weeks. Through medical care, the virus subsides and returns to health.

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