2019 Annual Meeting of Superb Tent was held successfully

        “Working together, creating the future together”.With the blessing of the president Mr.Zhen and all shareholders, the 2019 annual meeting of Superb Tent will be kicked off!

Along with the melodious music, the inspiring talent show also follows, the staff of each department show their own strengths, bringing us a gorgeous audio-visual feast. The awards and lucky draw were interspersed among the programs, and there were cheers.

Wonderful Performance

  Literary and art programs are also very wonderful. The solo “Suiyuan” and “Hagarza”, the duet “The full moon night”, the chorus “Yearning for glory”, the dance “Jazz Dance”, “Dancing Dwarfs” and “Wild Wolf Disco” are all on the stage. The wonderful performances are full of the charm and vitality of spring. They are humorous, funny and have won cheers.

Awards of the year

We commend advanced workers and excellent teams, and give them full affirmation and high praise for their achievements.

Lucky Draw

During the performance, there were also many lottery activities. The rich prizes made everyone on the scene hot, which pushed the activity atmosphere to the climax!

Happy Cam

The stage is wonderful, and the stage is also full of laughter and laughter. The sweat in the past has turned into the good wine in the cup. Everyone raises the glass and drinks freely. They have a good time and say the words of blessing to each other.

        The whole Party lasted for more than 2 hours. The singing, applause and laughter on the scene of the party came one after another and filled with a happy and peaceful festival atmosphere. The whole annual meeting ended successfully in a harmonious, warm and joyful atmosphere.

2019 has passed, and SUPERB will set sail again in 2020. Let’s forge ahead, develop and innovate with vigorous vigor, high spirits and fearless courage, and write a more brilliant chapter for Superb Tent in 2020.