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Luxury High Peak Combination Tent for Patek Philippe Chronographs

High Peak Combination Tent 1

High Peak Combination Tent 2

The Patek Philippe Chronographs Exhibition was held at the Alkaff Mansion. As an international high-end brand and trusted tent brand supplier, Superb Tent provided "A" frame tent and High Peak Combination Tent for the dinning party.


High Peak Combination Tent 3

High Peak Combination Tent 4

The celebration event tent for Patek Philippe looked noble, elegant and festive from both inside and outside. Inside the event tent there was stunning interplay of the lights, shining on the white roof lining, with the carpet and guest seats. Decorated with white curtains, plus the pretty chandelier and hotel restaurant furniture, it made you feel like being inside a five star hotel restaurant. 

High Peak Combination Tent 5

High Peak Combination Tent 6

Friends of the fine Swiss manufacture were whisked away to the colonial grounds of Alkaff Mansion, where the Old World charm of the breezy courtyard, festooned with glimmering chandeliers, made for the most evocative venue for a night of cocktails and watch-admiring.

High Peak Combination Tent 7

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