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China Airshow 2014

The 2014 China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (namely China Airshow) took place in Zhuhai from Nov.11-16 with a Superb tent landscape.It is the only international aerospace trade show in China that is endorsed by the government.It features the display of real-size products, trade talks, technological exchange and flying display.Superb is the primary tent supplier for the biennial event in 2014. Except the roaring noise of aerobatic jets and many high-end technologies, over 3 millions visitors also experienced an excellent example of the use of temporary event structures in the windy environment of coastal city.

The official organizer, Zhuhai Airshow Co.,Ltd.looked for a capable tent manufacture to provide an outdoor accommodation for the displayed aircrafts and military weapons.In this event,Superb Tent provided a solution of 40m span and 65m length, with ridge height of 10.5 meters.As there was no poles inside,100% interior space was usable.To cool down such a large space,50PH central air conditioners were put into use at the first time. A luxury space of Arcum Tents were also created to welcome and entertain the military and trade delegations from abroad and international journalists from 228 media.

Two arcum tents were placed at the Gate No.2 of the Air Show Center. One of them is 8x27m and the other is 16x40m. They served as the security check hall, but at the same time, leftgood impression on visitors with thesmooth peak profile and theglass sidewalls and ABS sidewalls systems. 

An Inflatable Military Tent also took its maiden show in this grand event. The air tubes were playing the rules of aluminum frame, but with much better portability and efficiency, which is vital in the battlefield environment. In addition, SUPERB creatively added an simple aluminum structure covering the air body, making it more stable in the windy conditions. Two sets of cross bars on each sides increased the stability.

A luxury space was prepared for VIP members, taken the elegant appearance of Arcum Tent. It was 10m span with flat roof lining, lights and curtains. The four sides are all organic glass sidewalls, which did not cut bodies if broken. The glass wall panels were 1m wide and 3m length to enable a large vision area. For more information, welcome consulting at

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