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20x40m Large Temporary warehouse tent for industrial storage

  • 20x40m Large Temporary warehouse tent for industrial storage
  • 20x40m Large Temporary warehouse tent for industrial storage

20x40m Large Temporary warehouse tent has a eave height of 4m , ridge height of 7.2m and side length of 5m. The aluminum main profile is 100x48x3mm. It uses aluminum alloy 6061/T6 (13HW). The tent can be widely used as temporary, semi-permanent or permanent building purpose etc. 

The tent takes 3 to 4 days to assemble .The thermal insulation roof tent is able to resist snow loading of three levels. These levels include 25kg,50kg,or 75kg,which can protect you from most of the weather conditions.

Accessories of Industrial Tent Shelter provides all kinds of accessories to support your warehouse tent. High quality PVC fabric (protect the inside from rain, fire and UV), ABS solid wall (block the heat and cold more effectively), glass wall (ensure more view), air condition (keep the stable temperature for the goods).

Superb Warehouse Tent system is a fast, economical solution for any industrial or warehousing project.


  • Popular shaped tent for all events.

  • Weather resistant with keder tracked tops and sidewalls.

  • Easy to integrate heating and A/C.

  • Roof and gable vent is available.

  • A variety of accessories available for customization 

Standard A frame tent Structure

Before delivery,trial assembly of tents will be required to avoid problems. Installation instruction and vedio can be provided if required. In addition, assemble supervisor can also be dispatched as one of the after-sale services.

Specification for Lage Temporary warehouse tent for industrial storage  (LS series, A frame), pls refer to chart:


Span (m)

Side height (m)

Ridge height (m)

Bay Distance (m)

Roof Pitch

Longest Component (m)

Wind Load (km/h)
























Main frame Profile


Eave Connection

Hot-dip Galvanized Twin Steel Plate

Roof Fixing

Bar Tension

Frame Material

Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum 6061/T6

Cover Material

Double PVC coated Polyester textile, flame retardant to DIN4102 B1,M2,650-900g/sq.m

  • Plain PVC Walls

    Plain PVC Walls

  • Clear Windows Walls

    Clear Windows Walls

  • Transparent PVC Walls

    Transparent PVC Walls

  • Glass walls

    Glass walls

  • Sandwich Wall

    Sandwich Wall

  • ABS Walls

    ABS Walls

  • Flat ABS Walls

    Flat ABS Walls

  • Steel Walls

    Steel Walls

  • VIP Cassette Flooring<

    VIP Cassette Flooring

  • Wooden Flooring<

    Wooden Flooring

  • Top Pleated Ceiling

    Top Pleated Ceiling

  • Top Flat Ceiling

    Top Flat Ceiling

  • Curtain Lining

    Curtain Lining

  • Double Glass Door

    Double Glass Door

  • Single Glass Door

    Single Glass Door

  • Fire Door

    Fire Door

  • Roller Door

    Roller Door

  • Automatic Inductive Door<

    Automatic Inductive Door

  • Door Ramp

    Door Ramp

  • Chair-01


  • Chair-02


  • Chair-03


  • Chair-04<


  • Plastic Folding Chair

    Plastic Folding Chair

  • Table


  • Covers For Chair And Table

    Covers For Chair And Table

  • Rack For Glass Walls

    Rack For Glass Walls

  • Rack For ABS Walls

    Rack For ABS Walls

  • Rack For Glass Doors

    Rack For Glass Doors

  • Integrated Air Conditioner

    Integrated Air Conditioner

  • Stage


  • Lamp


  • Rain Gutter

    Rain Gutter

  • Steel Anchor

    Steel Anchor

  • Anchor Puller

    Anchor Puller

  • Weight Plate

    Weight Plate

  • Cover For Weighted Box

    Cover For Weighted Box


20x40m Large Temporary warehouse tent for industrial storage

20x40m Large Temporary warehouse tent for industrial storage

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Q: How to get the tent price?

A: Please,Enter the inquiry Form, We will reply you within two days!

Q: What size of width and length for your tent?

A: The width we offer from 3m- 60m. Length are unlimited which can increase by multiples of 3m unit or 5m unit.

Q: Is your tent safe enough to do permanent structure?

A: Sure, the main frame are manufactured with high impact extruded anodized aluminum (6061/T6) which can resist wind up to 100 km/h.

Q: What is the life span of your products?

A: Our tents are thoroughly confirm to the strictest European and the Australia quality standards, life span of aluminum alloy is 20-30years, PVC roof and sidewalls is 10 years.


Q: What kinds of tent can you produce?

A: We are the leading tent manufacturer in China and produce different sizes of tents which clear span could be from 3m to 65m in different shapes.

Q: Can you make customized tent? 

A: Yes, OEM and ODM orders are available by our experienced engineers.


Q: What is the cover made of?

A: Double coated PVC fabric; UV-resistance; flame retardant to DIN4102 B1, M2;


Q: whether need equipment to install your tent?

A: It depend on size, Small clear span (3m to 15m) tent do not need any equipment; 15-22m clear span need fork car; above 22m clear span tent need crane.

Q: Do you provide installation guidance?

A: Yes, trial assembly is arranged before loading to secure the quality. English instruction manual and visor is also available from SUPERB TENT. 

Q: How to fix tent on the ground?

A: We provide expandable screw for concrete ground, anchor for grass land. If anchor and expandable screw are not allowed, we provide weight plate.


Q: Whether color of cover is optional, whether can print logo for advertisement?

A: Color and printing are both available.


Q: Other accessories like air conditioner, light, wooden floor available?

A: Yes, Full accessories are available to supply for your tent  (including decoration Lining, different kinds of wall, furniture, air-condition, lights, carpet, floor and so on)


Q: What is the wind load for your tents?

A: It depends on size, the ranges are from 80km/h-102km/h


Q: What documents are available?

A: A full range documents including structural drawings,packing list,installation manual and relative certificates can be provided.


Q: Has your tent product been certified?

A: Yes. All our tent structure has passed the engineering test, white the PVC fabric with flame retardant certificates issued by USA.


Q: What is the production lead-time before loading time? 

A: 20-30 days ex-factory against receipt of deposit. 

If urgent order, can be finished within one week according to our material stock situation.

can be finished within one week according to our material stock situation.

Q: how to rent the tent?

A:We don't have rent service!

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