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    Double Decker Tent

  • Double Decker Tent

    Double Decker Tent is also called Two-Story Tent. Superb Double Decker Tent provide double activity space within same land area, large space and provide better viewing on the 2nd floor, Special and luxury and fashionable. Also can create a better viewing space for special event. Whether in use at a festival celebrations , conferences and sport events such like soccer,golf, tennis,equestrian, racing or any other type of events.

    Available sizes:
  • Clear Span available from 10m to 40m.
  • Length: adjustable by 5m unit.
  • Provide double activity space within same land area. Better option for land limited events.
  • Provide better viewing on the 2nd floor. A good choice for VIP spectators in sport events such like soccer,golf, equestrian, racing etc.
  • No exterior guy ropes or staking required.
  • Relocatable, easy to install, dismantle and transport.
  • Accessories available: Stairs, balcony, rails, transparent roof covers and wall, decoration lining, clear windows walls, ABS walls, glass walls, glass doors, flooring system, anchors.
  • No maintenance required; main aluminum frame profile is 300x125x5mm.
  • Extruded 4 channel aluminum hollow profiles with anodized finishing above 12um.
  • All steel connectors including small parts have galvanized finishing above 60um.
  • Modular character for diverse combination and expansion.
  • Kedered roof fabric and sidewalls provide weather-proof tight coverings.
  • Bar tensioning roof & sidewalls system.
  • Different brand fabric for option: China Fabric,Ferrari,Sioen,Verseidag.


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