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When an event takes place outdoors, it’s not always practical to host it out in the open. A sudden thunderstorm or strong winds can ruin an event and postpone it until a later time. Clear span tents provide coverage from both the sun and the elements, giving your guests a place to gather while staying protected from sporadic weather. Not all tent structures are the same however. In fact, some tents have obstructions in the way and are unreliable in severe weather.

9m clear span transparent party tent
9m clear span transparent party tent

Clear Span Tents for Event Gatherings

No matter if it’s a stage show or a business conference, you want to give your attendees the best seating and viewing experience possible. Traditional pole tents work well in some cases when it’s not necessary to have a clear view of a stage or ample walking space between booths. These tents have center poles and other columns that keep the tent stable and upright. They also have exterior guy-lines that get in the way outside. Clear span tents don’t have these obstructions, giving you a completely open space beneath the cover.

A clear span tent has a durable aluminum frame holding it together and steel stakes keeping it upright even in the strongest winds. Furthermore, these reliable tent structures adhere to the International Building Code safety requirements, withstand harsh weather and stay in the same spot for months without any maintenance. Whereas traditional pole tents have limited sizes, clear span tents range from 10 feet to 162 feet in width, giving you as little or as much space as necessary for events of all types.

Accessories Make Clear Span Tents Even Better

Pole tents don’t offer much in the upgrade department. If you need electricity and lighting, you have to run a generator constantly and route extension cords throughout the space. Clear span tents enhance your event even more thanks to their many accessories. These tents feature integrated flooring that is raised off the ground, helping with water runoff and keeping the floor dry.

You also have the choice of installing hardwood flooring, carpet or stained planks in the tent, giving your guests a reliable surface on which to walk throughout the event space. Want a dramatic effect for your event? Upgrade your clear span tent with theater lighting. Need to stay cool in the heat? Enhance your event space with air conditioning. You can upgrade your clear span tent with even more accessories such as:

·Glass walls for a 360-degree viewing experience

·Glass entry doors

·Power distribution and generators

·Ceiling liners and clear top panels

Clear Span Tents are the Clear Winners

If you have an outdoor event, don’t take a chance on traditional pole tents. You get so much more with clear span tent rentals, such as a wide-open space, convenient accessories and durability without the maintenance. Clear span tents also come in many different sizes and pass all major safety requirements. Whether it’s a sporting event or a live stage show, you’ll have enough room for your guests while keeping them happy, dry and comfortable beneath a clear span tent.

Clear PVC roof tent for wedding

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