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How to choose a tent for you need

1, choose what kind of awning room

Circular tube in abroad tents awning room is common, they are easy to set up, cost also is not very high, but the circular tube tent and must have the central pillar support, also need a lot of posts in tent, very affect the activity space of the tent, and also need the rope fixed outside the tent, so you need more space, and circular tube tent ability to resist wind and rain is not very strong. Tent, for domestic use most is the aluminum alloy aluminum awning room there is no need for central pillar support, it has a solid aluminum alloy frame, the space will get 100% of the use of inside the tent, and it is easy to setup, strong ability to resist wind and rain also, so is the first choice for the outdoor awning room.

2, awning room need much space

According to tent rental business experience summary, generally 0.75 square metres per person of the cocktail party, tea type 0.75 square metres per person of reception, banquet activities 1 square meters each, for sidewalks and chair is put, need to reserve a 0.5 square meters per person, if you don't know how to calculate the awning room need to the size of the space, can consult our meister awning room staff, they will be happy to give you advice, they have the space requirements table and rich experience.

3,The choice of  awning room building site

Although the awning room can in many places, but there are some factors to consider, awning room building site factors to consider are: tent over obstacles, such as trees, low wire, underground facilities such as underground pipe and cable. Tent structures, field ground, also need to consider the awning room cannot build in rugged places,, mud and sand in concrete structures, awning room will need to wood floor.

4, some local regulations

Before the tent set up for want to know about the tent set up for the site management regulation, in some places can't fire, some need to be equipped with fire control system, in some places is not free to build buildings, should understand all, but should is not much of a problem.

5, awning room decorations and accessories

In general, can according to your own free will decorate your lease awning room, tent, for as long as no damage to some curtain around, smallpox, the slogan is allowed, but some acupuncture or ink marking is not allowed, at the same time in the tent of fireworks, barbecues, are not allowed.

6, Tent rental for a matter of time

In order to make your party or event can well, you should consider awning room you choose several weeks in advance, to the tent company for advice, if you can, let them do a site review, to discuss the reasonable solution and then submit the deposit to carry out the orders. In activities that should set the tent set up for a few hours in advance, this gives you ample time to ensure everything runs smoothly, also can let you better to hold activities.

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