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Celebration tents convenience and activities of the board room area calculation

Now a lot of outdoor activities will be set up tents, so that the activities of the atmosphere more feeling, and set up tents can be easily expanded activities.   Surely we are all very curious, down together to see it!

Celebration tents convenience and activities of the board room area calculation

Celebration tents are not all that attractive appearance, but also in convenience. For the size of the different sites, site of the ground either sand, grass, concrete floor or that can not be destroyed, such as marble floors, tent with expansion screws, drill rod and professional bearing system can be set up and the safe and secure use . Easy to set up tent more than that, it is also convenient shipment. Since the tent is removable, so you can strut length to ensure the internal structure of the tent is not too long. Followed by the mobile tent set up construction cycle is short, you can always continue to build after the demolition elsewhere.

Activities of the board room area calculation: 

1, every 2K on a partition wall between the installation of a door, two windows. 

2, when calculating the length of both sides to increase the area of 0.16 m. 

3, commonly used slope roof room width are 3K = 5.46 meters.

4, 3K wide board room the length of each 2K is a unit that is 19.9 (about 20 square meters); each unit of about 20 square meters, can hold four metal frame bunk beds.

Above mainly to introduce the celebration tents easy to use, shipping and disassembly easy. 

Also on the activities of the board we have a certain understanding of area calculation, if we have to introduce any doubt we can communicate to contact us, please a lot of attention and support it!

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