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The Largest Tent City in the World

Located in the west of Saudi Arabia, Mecca covers an area of 550 square kilometers with a population of 2million, among them, 15million are permanent residents. The most outstanding features of Mecca are tent and Grand Mosque, which is the holiest place for Muslim on earth. The land near the Grand Mosque may be the most expensive among the international cities. Billions dollars have been spent to develop the real estate here, mainly tents to meet the needs of more and more visitors.

Mina tent city

It can be called the largest tent city in the world to accommodate 3million pilgrim every year.

This tent city is very narrow and limited in geographic area, because it is restricted to the Islam legislative stipulation, and there is no more space for expansion. As each year more and more pilgrim visit, the Mina tent city has the biggest density of population on earth, with 5000 people per hectare, it only opens for visitors for about one month during the pilgrimage every year, and for the rest of the year, it just a empty city.

Tent city with the biggest density of population on earth

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