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14 key points could extend the lifespan of the tent

Due to the immediacy, wider span, natural lighting, long lifespan, beauty, as well as outstanding performance of the tent, it definitely replace the traditional architectural form, perfectly fits all kinds of requirements of the construction.  Our tent made of 2 main parts, one is aluminum frame, the other is PVC fabric cover. Normally, the lifespan of aluminum frame could last more than 10 years, the PVC fabric last about 5-8 years.  So, how to maintain the tents better , and extend their use lifespan?

1.Before the installation of tents, you should read the installation instruction carefully, or watch our installation video, to avoid install improperly;

2.Avoid sharp scratch the tent, affect the results;

3.After use the tent, gather all the parts should be complete, for further use;

4.Code on each bracket bearing shall not exceed 200kg;

5.The removal process should be as light as possible, packaging to prevent breakage, so as not to lose parts;

6.If use electrical appliances inside the tent, please be sure the well insulated wires with iron supports, otherwise it will have shock hazard;

7.Before installing the tent, you should examine the terrain and make sure there is no rolling stone, log and weathered rock above the ground.

8.Do not install tent near the river bank and dried up river bed in dry season.

9.In order to avoid thunder strike, please don’t install the tent on top of the mountain or in the open field. If necessary, please set up lighting rod.

10.If set up the tent on muddy or sandy land, you can dig drainage ditch around the tent to keep the inside of the tent dry.

11.Though the fabric is fire retardant, if need to cook inside of the tent, please keep the fire away from the fabric or use fire-proof plate to insulate the flame.

12.Please dismantle the tent in advance if foresee the wind load is over force 10.

13.Before storing the fabric please make sure to dry it first then fold it well. When having not enough time to dry the fabric, do remember don’t store it for a long time otherwise its color will change and has mildew. The storage can’t exposure to strong sunshine to avoid the fabric yellowing.

14.Hang out the fabric regularly according to the local humidity and climate condition in case of bacteria breeding and to protect the coating of the fabric.

If you have any other questions about tent,feel free to contact us, we will give you a satisfactory reply.

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