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How to Clean the Tents

The way of cleaning have great influences on the life span of tents, incorrect cleaning will shorten it and thus can not service us well. Now well introduce the correct cleaning of tents as follows:


Firstly, we introduce the cleaning of inner side, including the inner surface and flooring. Mud and sands need to be wiped, and if theres stain, we should clean it with water. Then we need check the standing poles and accessories, clean the sands and check whether its damaged.


After that, its not the end of work. We should dry it after cleaning, and pack it. If can not dry it timely, be ware that do not pile it up for long time, must dry it asap when available, in case of PVC goes moldy.

Last but not least, we should pay attention to the choose for cleaning materials. Specially pay attention that do not use acid and alkali detergent to clean it, and protect it to avoid any damages to water-proof and other functions.

Above are the steps for tents cleaning, wish its helpful to our valued customers. 

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