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How to do a good job of lightning protection for the storage tent?

When the storage tent in use, there will be a lot of people worried about that what to do if the storage tent was struck by lightning. Especially in summer, the bad weather occur more frequently, it will be a waste if the storage tent was struck by lightning. That is why it is so important that we have to do a good job to against the bad weather.

As we know, the high building or the objects are highlighted in the plains is easier be struck by lightning, so the first method is try to make the building built on the site is not so high. In addition, the high pressure of the thunderbolt will cause the air discharge, it also will be struck by the electric arc if it is near by the high building. So the storage tent not only can not build in the high site, but also can not near by the high site.

In addition, we have to pay more attention to the materials. The aluminum frame is a good choice. It is easy to length the frame and people can be safe when the suddenly lightning.

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