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11 wedding tent styles for your choose

Wedding is a major undertaking. Nowadays, more and more newlyweds individualism that pursues alternative fashion is nuptial. Wedding receptions are no longer limited to hotels and restaurants. They are choosing to hold their wedding ceremonies on meadows, beside swimming pools, in fancy villas or even an airport. So the wedding tent is a good choice.


But now wedding tents have more styles. how to choose? how to distinguish? Wedding Tents are classified according to their shape , how their roof peaks and other architectural distinctions. There are several different types of wedding tents, distinguishable through differences in style and architecture.

1.Frame tents

Frame tents

The frame tent is one of the most common types of party tent out there. Instead of poles, it uses a metal frame to support the tent and is free standing so it can be set up on most solid surfaces. While it may not be as beautiful as the pole tent, it is more versatile. Inside the tent, the metal pipes are exposed and can left as they are to hang lights and decorations, or hidden with layers of draped fabric. It works with all surfaces, whether it be grass, concrete, sand, gravel or asphalt.


You can attach frame tents together easily so you can even create a long line of frame tents for your celebration.

Goes on all surfaces.

More expensive than pole tents.

Takes a long time to set up.



2.Pole tents

Pole tents

The pole tent, as its name suggests, is supported by poles and guy-wires and has a big showy top with one or more peaks. Beautiful and elegant, it is a truly sophisticated choice. Since pole tents must be staked into the ground, however, they cannot be set up on concrete or other hard surfaces, making them less versatile than some other types of tents.


The more economical choice

Looks more natural

The center pole might be seen as a hindrance and waste of valuable space.



3.Canopy tents

Canopy tents

Canopies are easy to set up, so they can even act as backup tents if you don’t have enough tents to accommodate your guests.


Ideal for small spaces

Easy to assemble

Not as sturdy ass other types of outdoor tents for wedding receptions.

Most canopy materials are not completely waterproof.




4.Marquee Tent

Marquee Tent

The marquee tent is a cross between the pole tent and the frame tent. It combines the convenience of the freestanding metal frame tent with the aesthetic of the pole tent’s peaked roof, giving you the best of both worlds. 


Easy to set up


Pole structures can get in the way of usable space.



5.Sailcloth or Sperry tents

Sperry tents
Sailcloth Sperry tents

An increasingly popular choice, the sailcloth tent is a type of pole tent that uses sailcloth material rather than vinyl, and wooden poles to support it. One notable feature of this type of wedding tent is its peaked, pointed roofs, which make the tents look larger and spacious. The translucent fabric adds a beautiful glow to the interior space of the tent, and the soaring ceiling and curved lines make it a beautiful choice for any occasion. Like the pole tent, however, it requires extensive staking with guy-wires to support it and is not suitable for all surfaces.



Sailcloth is waterproof material

Peaked roofs make the area look more spacious

Large sailcloth assemblies are usually expensive.







Traditionally used as a portable dwelling, the yurt has recently been gaining in popularity, particularly in Canada and England, as a wedding/event tent. Lattice walls and a wood ribbed roof and crown, all covered in fabric, make up the structure of the yurt. Due to their relatively small size, they are not suited to large weddings, but they are perfect for more intimate and cozy affairs.



Looks fancy and sophisticated


Takes time to put up

7.Clear tents

Clear tents

The clear tents are very stylish with their almost transparent vinyl surface. This is a great option for receptions that take place during the night time. Your guests can dine and dance under the stars without the need to expose themselves to the elements.


Perfect for night time wedding receptions

Transparent material gives the illusion of a bigger space.


Not a good option if you want a more private event

8.Tropical Style Tents

Tropical Style Tents

These are perfect for beach weddings. Usually, the framework is made from light wood or faux bamboo, while the fabrics used are usually translucent and light.


Suits beach weddings perfectly

Open air and natural breeze counters the need for indoor air conditioning

Not as sturdy as other materials

9.Carnival Tent

Carnival Tent

The carnival or circus tent is a pole tent dressed up in red and white striped fabric. While it is possible to rent this type of tent in certain places, they are usually very large and hard to come by.

10.Moroccan and Indian Themed Tent

Moroccan and Indian Themed Tent

The Moroccan themed tent is usually a marquee or pole style tent adorned in beautiful fabrics and trim instead of white vinyl. These types of tents are only available to rent from select rental companies and additional draping, lighting and decor are usually available to complete the look.


11.Teepee Tent

Teepee Tent

Styled after Nordic Sami kata and the Native American teepee, the teepee tent offers a unique shape, cozy environment, and interesting look to your event. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations making them suitable for both large and small weddings. Like the pole tent and sailcloth tent, their beautiful aesthetic comes at the cost of added obstacles due to the poles that support them.


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